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December 4, 2018 • By kristen

Physician Focused Announces New Partnership

Physician Focused Announces New Partnership with USA Relocation Group, Providing Members Access to a Physician Specific Relocation Network

Omaha, Nebraska (December 4, 2018) – Omaha startup, Physician Focused, announced their partnership with USA Relocation Group, whose Relocation Network is all about providing premier home buying experience for Physicians.  Physician Focused connects physicians to verified services at preferred rates along with other benefits as part of their membership based platform.

‘We started with this idea of cutting down the time physicians take to find services for their life and practice. A physician who’s working 90 or 100 hours in a week when they’re on-call might not have the luxury of using their time [in that way],” says Caleb Ulffers, CEO of Physician Focused.

USA Relocation Group, based in Cleveland, Ohio, uses their industry experience to find local expert agents in every city that meets very strict criteria. Our Physician’s Agents have undergone an extensive vetting processing to ensure their clients can have peace of mind that they’re working with the very best local expert to serve their needs.

“For Physicians, finding a real estate agent they can trust not to waste their time or take advantage of them is important. There are so many aspects to a Doctor’s loan that require special knowledge and insight and finding the agent who understands that is important. Our group is all about providing the premier home buying experience for Physicians. This is done to ensure our clients can have peace of mind that they’re working with the very best local expert to serve their needs.” Mike Ficzner, CEO of USA Relocation Group.

Physician Focused offers vetted service providers, continuing-education tracking and monitoring, digital reputation management, a forum for physician collaboration, current industry news, an extensive job search platform, all on one platform. There’s no other site that currently has all these things built together. What we’d like to do is continue adding benefits and services for physicians to make it an even bigger and more value product for them,” says Ulffers.

About Physician Focused: Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Physician Focused connects physicians with industry-specific service providers at preferred rates, offers job search support, digital reputation management, monitors continuing medical education credits, offers a place for physicians to collaborate with peers, and helps physicians stay informed with recent news in the medical field – all in one place. Follow Physician Focused on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About USA Relocation Group: Based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA Relocation Group :: Helping Doctors Find Homes :: matches Physicians with real estate agents in the field of home buying and relocation services. Visit USA Relocation Group at

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